SharyCo is developing a platform to help corporate HR managers simplify and promote a culture of sustainability by creating a community that rewards positive impact.
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how does it work?

Your collaborators earn Shary Points and Impact Points!

By carrying out sustainable actions
By participating in community service actions
By providing products, services, and favors


Biking to work or separating garbage at home and the office.

(+70 sustainable actions users can do)


Like donating, recycling, and volunteering. e.g. participating in a coastal cleanup day


Giving a fitness class, lending a blender to their co-worker, or helping them with an English presentation.

What can users do with their points?

Access to awards

For example, earn a recyclable fabric cap with the company logo, or earn credits in our marketplace to exchange for anything they want.

Borrow products, services or favors

For example, borrow a drill from a colleague for a day.

Other features within the app


List of all active users in descending order according to their accumulated Impact Points earned. Depending on their position, they will have access to PRIZES


Users can see what their peers are doing and interact by commenting or liking their activities, creating more connection and a sense of belonging.


Individual or group challenges that are co-ordinated with the companies to encourage greater user participation through the use of gamification and prizes.

¿Que se pueden hacer con esos puntos?

Puntos Shary

Se usan para solicitar el préstamo de producto, servicios o favores ofrecidos por otros usuarios. (Ej. Pedir un taladro prestado o pedir que te ayuden a bajar un sillón por las escaleras).

Puntos de impacto

Te dan acceso a diferentes beneficios como descuentos en marcas sostenibles aliadas y premios de tu empresa (Ej. un día libre para hacer trámites).

Together, with a little bit from each of us, we can have a big impact. Join us!

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A community that rewards and promotes positive impact.

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